Free and Fun Chat Room for Singles

If you are looking for a chat room to meet new people and find a date then you are in the right place. The singles chat room here ar CharRising is the place you have been looking for to meet singles from around the world.

Singles Chat Room

There are thousands of singles looking for the right person for them but not only are you looking, but you may also just want to chat for a while with other people which is what made the singles chat room a good place to be.

You enter that chat room using your username so your real name is not known to other people in that chat. When you want to chat with an individual member you can send them an instant message and have a private chat with them.

Chat Room Tips

  • Never give your contact details to another member in a chat room right away. Please get to know them first. We have made out the system so that your personal details are no available to other members so be careful giving them out yourself.
  • Please avoid insults and criticism of other people and respect their views even if you do not agree with them. This is an open community and everybody is welcome.
  • Have a discussion in the public chat room with people there alongside your private chats. When the public chat room is alive then the chat room will fell better for everybody.
  • Remember to greet new people when they enter the chat room. Do not ignore new members. They are a part of the community, you can ask them what they think about the current topics on the discussion to help them join the chat.